Designed in collaboration with over 30 practicing surgeons, Sirona AE provides front-line emergency clinicians access to hundreds of interactive injury-specific proformas. The intuitive system identifies key history and examination pointers and offers clear investigation and management suggestions. By minimising free text entry, and explaining concepts through demonstration radiographs and images, all proformas have been modeled to be completed in less than two minutes. This highly effective support tool allows clinicians to use their time efficiently whilst providing safe, evidence-based care.

Sirona AE connects clinicians from each hospital department along with administrative and booking teams to ensure the most appropriate management of trauma patients. The system is also used by hospitals to seamlessly refer patients to regional specialist hubs.

> Integrates with hospital / provider systems

> Easy to use interactive proformas

> Key history and examination pointers

> Investigation / management suggestions

> Safe, evidence-based care

> Avoidance of inappropriate clinic referrals

> Correct investigations undertaken

> Improved clinical outcomes

> Real time activity data

> Reduction in administrative costs

> Elimination transcription errors

> Seamlessly refer to regional specialist hubs

Sirona AE is a clinical decision support tool that enables front-line emergency clinicians to deliver efficient, evidence-based care. The dynamic system helps improve the quality and consistency of trauma treatment, while optimising efficiency in A&E / Urgent Care Centres (UCCs), and streamlining hospital clinics.