Rego for Dental Care enables fast, safe and secure referral management. It launches from all major dental  patient record systems (e.g. Software of Excellence, R24, Pearl), automatically merging demographics, relevant medical and drug history.

Rego provides interactive evidence-based templates for each dental speciality. Where appropriate, the availability of onscreen mannequins enables the user to clearly identify the tooth / anatomical area requiring treatment. Through inbuilt algorithms, the system identifies treatment complexity and medical implications. This capability provides decision support and indicates whether the case meets the agreed referral criteria and suggests the recommended care pathways. Radiographs are seamlessly uploaded from an existing record system or directly through external devices such as digital x-ray scanners.

A list of potential provider choices is available on the system based on the locally agreed protocols. Targeted information leaflets are available to the patient (in various languages) in order that they can fully understand, and consent to the process whilst indicating a preference for one or more providers, and day / time of the week should a clinical appointment be required. If the patient is a smoker, an optional separate referral can be made directly to a Smoking Cessation service. The patient is offered a preference of correspondence with a provider either electronically or by post; they can also opt to receive a link to sign up to the patient portal in order that they can track their case.

Rego enables practices to view the status of referrals and outcomes of their patients following a clinic appointment. GDPs can receive, and respond to, messages from other relevant users connected to the referral.

Rego also provides detailed real-time activity data to allow all stakeholders to track patient flow, monitor revenue and expenditure and identify areas for pathway optimisation via auditable data.

> Launched from all major dental systems

> Quicker referrals

> Includes high quality x-rays with referrals

> Patient choice options

> Rapid access to specialist triage and advice

> Avoidance of inappropriate referrals to hospital

> Improved clinical outcomes

> Real time activity data

> Reduction in administrative costs

> Eliminating transcription errors

> Supports FP17RN submissions

A comprehensive electronic referral management solution which saves time and improves the patient experience.