Rego is a powerful referral management platform for any number of specialties and pathways.

Rego ensures that the best clinical pathway is identified with patients treated by the most appropriate provider, within the right timeframe.

Rego is launched from all existing GP systems, automatically merging demographics, relevant medical and drug history.  Making referring a patient a quick and easy task without duplication or delay.

Rego allows GPs to upload a wide range of supporting data (such as images, x-rays, traces and other documents). Unique algorithms ensure that referrals are accepted and processed fast. Patients are offered choice and may specify a preference for the location of investigations and treatments. If required cases can be securely transmitted directly to a specialist to provide advice and guidance.

Rego provides detailed real-time activity data to allow all stakeholders to track patient flow, monitor revenue and expenditure and identify areas for pathway optimisation via auditable data.


> Launched from all GP systems

> Easy to use

> Seamless upload of supporting data

> Patient choice options

> Avoidance of inappropriate referrals to hospital

> Real time activity data

> Reduction in administrative costs

> Eliminating transcription errors

Seamless transfer of structured referral information from GP to specialists, allowing definitive decision-making and appropriate treatment of patients within the right timeframe

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