Rego enables Hospital Trusts to receive referrals in a unified manner.

Rego supports referrals from the following sources:

- GP systems (integrated with EMIS, SystmOne, Vision)

- Dental systems (integrated with R4, SOE, Exact, Pearl, Orthotrac and others)

- e-RS

- Email

- Fax

- Rego


Rego enables GPs or admin staff to send referrals directly via Rego with a click of a button or via e-RS. Achieving an entirely paperless process (in accordance with the NHS vision of going paperless).

Admin staff at practices which do not use e-RS may either login to a portal to send their referral or utilise the Rego EMR add-in (available free of charge) to the practices) to send referrals directly to the hospital from their patient record system. These referrals will appear in the appropriate departmental worklist at the hospital where a clinician may accept the referral and triage it to the appropriate clinic / site, reject the referral or request further information.

Referrals received from practices associated with CCGs who have already commissioned Rego are automatically validated and received at the appropriate clinic and will appear on that clinic’s worklist following booking.

When Email referrals are received, Rego will attempt to parse the content and perform auto indexing using the Rego Analyser module (optional)

Referrals received in paper format (Post of Fax) may either be scanned directly onto Rego or use scan to email functionality.


Customised worklists and workflows

We recognise that when it comes to clinical workflows, a ‘one size fits all’ solution is not feasible as every organisation operates different internal processes. As such, Vantage works closely with each Trust to identify their requirements and design suitable worklists and workflows. This includes: Receipt of referrals, indexing, booking, triaging and clinic worklists.


Notifications and Direct communication

When a referral is accepted or rejected, Rego automatically sends a notification to the practice. In case the referral is rejected, the referrer may appeal the rejection and add subsequent information. In addition, the clinician reweaving the referral in the hospital is able to request further information from the referring clinician. The referring clinician is able to respond directly via a secure link generated by Rego.



Referrers are able to easily track their referrals via Rego significantly reducing administrative time at the Trust. In addition, all Rego users at the Trust are able to search and locate referrals in real-time.



Vantage has a successful track record of integrating and interfacing with other clinical systems and NHS Spine services. Rego integrates with all GP and Dental clinical systems and interfaces with Spine services such as PDS. We are committed to work with the IT department of the Trust in order to achieve bi-directional interfaces with the local PAS and patient record systems.


Multiple sites

Rego supports multi site access. Referrals may be received at specific sites and referred to other sites if required.


Dashboard and BI Reports

Rego includes a customisable real-time BI reports module which enables all stakeholders to view any number of reports.

Unified receipt of referrals.

Helping NHS Trusts achieve a paperless and efficient process for managing Outpatient Referrals