Rego enables primary care clinicians to capture images of routine dermatological conditions using high quality digital imaging equipment. These images, along with a referral letter, are sent electronically to a dermatology team. Within 3 working days, the referring GP receives a management plan recommending the most appropriate course of treatment based on local resources.


Improved care

The advice provided by consultant dermatologists ensures around 70% of patients avoid a hospital visit and may be treated in the community, closer to home. Where secondary care appointments are recommended, routine, urgent and suspect cancer cases are triaged to the appropriate specialist and waiting list, cutting door-to-needle time and unnecessary consultant-to-consultant referrals. In the majority of cases, management plans are received within 48 hours, a process that facilitates prompt treatment and enhances the patient experience. Recording high levels of clinician satisfaction (over 90%), the rapid access to expert advice empowers GPs and provides an ongoing education framework, which helps them deliver a better service for patients.


Efficiency savings

Recurrent savings of more than 50% may be achieved through the significant reduction of outpatient appointments and shift of minor surgical activity from secondary care to the community. The effective management of demand is also highly beneficial to Hospital Trusts who are able to meet targets and avoid penalties through shortened waiting lists and more efficient use of consultant time. Our real- time online activity module (Vantage Analytics) allows all stakeholders to access and analyse a wide range of data including usage,  clinical outcomes (ICD-10 coding), triage recommendations and GP feedback. This tool enhances the ability to monitor the performance of service providers and helps identify areas where local resources may be optimised.


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Over 5% of GP practices in the UK use Rego to send dermatology referrals.  Independent audits* and reviews** prove that our teledermatology solution helps clinicians and managers improved quality of care and the delivery of substantial efficiency savings.

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