Delivering Outpatient Transformation to the NHS

With the NHS under increasing pressure, we bring speed and consistency to patient journeys



With Vantage, you can choose the most appropriate care option. We work with several healthcare sectors, please pick the one relevant to you!

Why Vantage

and how we make a difference

We make the patient’s journey through the healthcare system quicker and easier to manage. Our AI based patient pathway manager links all healthcare services and gives the patient the choice of services most appropriate to their care.

Patients know that they will be seen, where and when, within seconds. GPs can referral their patients with just a few clicks. They can be confident that their pathways have been followed consistently and that all processes are transparent.

The service is linked with the NHS Electronic Referral Service (eRS). Together they offer the fast, easy to use solution  necessary to deliver the NHS Outpatient Transformation Programme.





Other Vantage Solutions

Hospital Referrals

HRM helps input, organise and distribute the incoming referrals without the stream of paper


Teledermatology lets GPs send skin images to a consultant for an opinion without the weeks of waiting

Referral Management Centres

With the RMC version of Rego, you can skip the time wasted on processing patient data

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